Important Success Factors of Offshore Software Development

offshore software development company

offshore software development company

Software development is a prevalent technique that allows the companies to perform their official tasks without any delay. In fact, the magic behind its efficient performance is that the software is intended to augment the overall performance making the officials grow potentially.

Also nicknamed as outsource software development, it is considered to be the most efficient way of saving on huge costs that are incurred by keeping an in-house offshore software development staff. Basically, the main purpose of the having such a facility is to create opportunities for better functionality and allowing the companies to pay attention to some of the most essential business tasks.

Certainly, it is the involved technicalities that have managed the companies to perform excellently at the master level. The best thing of getting the services from an expert offshore software development company is that the technical factor will be definitely high. By this, it means that a professional company would be making use of latest technical trends associated with the software development process.

Some of the important services to be noted by such type of companies are product designing, coding, testing, SaaS development, intranet solutions, ecommerce and even project management; depending on the requirement of the client company. Moreover, it is one of the most important services that help other companies to grow instantly.

  1. Team skill:

Considered to be an essential factor in determining the processing of offshore development, there is a need for the companies to hire a skilled team of developers. They should be well aware of the on-going technical trends associated with software development. This makes them stand in demand because of the factor that their technical minds are sharpened enough to create excellent software for the clients.

  1. Designated process:

A planned procedure is mandatory for the team, where every candidate should know as to what they are designated to do. This ensures a high amount of clarity in the entire work flow and the results are excellent. In fact, this also includes in crafting strategies on how to complete a procedure and what all technologies are mandatory in completion. In this way, every expert associated with a project of software development will be able to know their job.

  1. Preparation:

In preparing the feasible ground for effective offshore software development, there is a need to conduct meetings between officials for understanding the possible work flow to be carried out. This happens to prepare a working framework for the professional active in software development.

  1. Performance factor:

After making an outline structure of the process to be carried out in development, an offshore software development company should analyze various factors and identify the possible outcomes. This will help the people in making excellent software that would be helpful in simplifying the working modules.

Offshore software development is the technological gift to the companies, which helps them in creating wonderful software. This is the reason that the offshore software development company is gaining momentum in the market. Read More :


10 Tips to nail and build a perfect Exclusive Mobile Application for Users

Thinking to develop an Exclusive Mobile Application but no idea from where to start? It’s easier to think of developing an exclusive app but as usual easier said than done. The recent trends in Android App Development New York have proves that businesses now are looking mobile applications as a powerful tool for business development. In fact they are looking for professional Mobile Application Development Companies to capture the Smartphone users and attract them to their services.

To become a professional mobile app developer or just before starting developing an app, there are few things that needs to kept in mind. There are so many things that can make your app fail and kill it in few months of launch. So, here are some useful tips that every Mobile Application Development Company and developer must follow:

  1. Define your audience first:

The first and foremost thing is to define and know your target audience. Not only it will help you with your budget but also will help you in defining your strategies for promotions and download procedures.

  1. Easy to Use Interface:

One of the most important factors that determines the success or failure of your app is its user interface. It should and must be user friendly, easy to use and simple as much as possible. People prefer to use things that are easy and less time consuming.

  1. The Online/ Offline experience

Usually Mobile Application Development Companies decide and work really hard on their online platforms and experience. However most often they forget to decide the offline experience. The app should work and look decent even when used in offline mode.

  1. Design says it all

Every type of Smartphone has a different design for their app. Tailor your design as per the platform. One size fits all don’t work well in terms of Interface as the users of Windows and iPhone, both have different requirements.

  1. Try to cover most Platforms:

It’s better to develop and launch an app that covers Android, Windows, iPhone platforms as well devices like Tablet, Smartphones, and PCs etc.

  1. Define Objectives and Check for competition:

Define the objectives of your app, the purpose and why it should be downloaded and then look out for the other similar apps. Make it little distinct from your rivals otherwise there is no point of making same app again. It should promise something new.

  1. One thing at a time:

Keep in mind to nail one thing at a time. Your app must do one thing and should have one primary purpose only. Don’t give users multiple options that might confuse them.

  1. Focus on latest Technologies:

Nothing is more absurd than an outdated technology. They come out with no help. Your app must look like that you are offering your user with latest technology integrated with your innovation. Be aware of the market trends, what users prefer and what is more demanding in the market?

  1. Testing is the key

Testing your app on your end as well as for user end is the key and another important factor. Even it better to give your app to some of the most technical guys or someone who doesn’t knows it well and let them use it. Watch whether they are able to use it well or not. The more test you will do, the lesser the chances of failures.

  1. Promote and Advertise well

Once the app is on hand, get the best ideas for promotions and advertisements. No app is known naturally to users. You can even think of monetize or non-monetizing your app, that means whether to charge your app per download or not. However, this is much dependent on the user and your target audience. Read More about our blog :

Use of collaboration dash boards to get data at your finger tips

Collaboration Dashboard Services

Collaboration Dashboard Services

To make effective decisions there should be information. Information can be in any format. It may be unstructured information stored in the digital format, or in various other formats. As information is essential in decision making, a business house has to maintain various types of data in a readable format. From the heap of data stored in an unarranged way will double your work, and later it will turn to a big headache. In order to avoid such situations, you should take necessary steps to store data in a well mannered format.

How can you make effective Collaborative Dashboards? Some of the applications that have to be included in right quantity are data collection tools, aggregation tools, separation tools, visualization tools, user based interfaces and storage space. All these together can make a Collaborative Dashboard.

There are various Collaboration Dashboard Services providers. Each provider is using their own designed methods and methodologies in making collaborative dashboards. To make effective dashboards BI application cab ne combined with data analytics. This allows in integrating various user friendly data retrieval features like email, video chat, videos, simple chat and employee interconnection facilities.

Now a day’s Social Integration Services are becoming very essential in the decision making process. It is through various social media sites a business is able to retrieve valuable suggestions and comments about the services and products. To satisfy client in all ways companies have started collecting and storing Social Media Analytics. Information or data can be visualized in various formats. Some information may be in written format, while others in number or graphic format.

To make it easy to view each type of information in respective formats the data storage service providers have started offering various data retrieval formats. This includes direct data reading format, specialized graph and chart, algorithmic level displaying format, customized graphs using a graphical flow format, hyper graphs, geo charts, tables, goggle maps, gauges, timelines and real time graph plotting format.

Data storage providers offer services as per the requirement of its client. Check the various types of data representation methods you would like to have in your data collection points so as to get a clear picture about a particular situation. Read More :

Big Data allows in retrieving data with a single tap

Big Data Analytics Newyork

Big Data Analytics Newyork

Earlier we were entering data in various records. There were ordinary data and highly confidential data. While ordinary data were stored in huge containers, sideboards and cabinets, confidential data were stored in bank lockers or any such secret places.

It was very difficult to maintain data and process it. Introduction of computers halved the difficulties related to data storage. By entering data in binary language or other types of secret computer codes many has been able to store data in an effective way. But, with the generation of huge volume of data many business houses have started searching for an effective solution.

Your answer for this is Big Data Analytics Newyork. This is a new business vernacular. Here you will be able to save huge chunks of data in a simplified manner. Many are not able to store data in an organized way as there are structured data and unstructured data. Clients comments and vies on products or services on social media are also valid data.

From the heap of data it is not easy to view that information which you are searching for at a particular point of time. How the Big Data Service Provider can help you in storing various types of data in a simplified and efficient manner?

Using proven technologies and experience in the data storage solutions, big data provider is bringing a compatible and amicable solution for all kinds of data storage problems. Some of the internet technologies that are used in the data storage services are MapReduce, Hadloop and NoSQL database, other than BI systems and traditional data warehouses.

The company will analyse the different forms of data of a business and will offer solution according to that. During the storage procedure the Big data will first do the data ingestion procedure. After injecting data into the storage area method, into the storage medium, separation is the next step.

In this method there will be data preparation, data integration and orchestration. By storing the data in a neat and clean format a client is able to retrieve it with a single mouse click or tap. Team work of data storage specialists allows in rapid design, development and deployment of data in an effective way. Read More :

What to Avoid When Outsourcing Software Development Projects

mistakes to avoid when outsourcing software development projects

mistakes to avoid when outsourcing software development projects

While outsourcing certainly has its share of benefits, the stories of software development projects going south are also abundant. This is why it is imperative to choose the outsourcing provider carefully. Here are a few things mistakes to avoid outsourcing software development projects.

Language Disconnect: If you are planning to outsource the software development project to an offshore location where your language is not native or is not prominently in use, you may have a hard time with communication. It is important for the client and the vendor to be able to communicate clearly in a common language. With the difference in languages, you may find it extremely difficult to communicate your needs and project requirements. Therefore, choose an outsourcing location where your native language is popular.

Difference in the Time Zone: If the outsourced location is in a completely different time zone, collaboration, communication, and interaction may become a challenge. Therefore, it is advisable to hire the outsourcing team located in the time zone closer to your own. This will make sure that the interactions and communications are timely. On the other hand, some outsourcing companies align their work hours according to your working schedule. If that is the case, you can hire them easily for your job.

Differences in the Culture: The difference in the culture may have impact on the timely completion of the project. For instance, if the holidays in the country where you have outsourced your job fall within the time line set for the completion of the project, you may experience delays. Therefore, before choosing the outsourcing location, work out the productivity and schedule details with the vendor. Ask them how will they complete your project by the deadline and still be able to accommodate their holidays.

Unreliable Technical Infrastructure: Large software development projects require a reliable and stable technical infrastructure. The vendor company to which you are outsourcing your project must have the proper internet connectivity, power management system, and a reliable networking setup. If all these requirements are met, you will be more confident to outsource software development project.

Poor Credential Management: The safety of your data and business intelligence is of extreme importance. You will be sharing a great deal of business information with the vendor when outsourcing the software development project. This is the reason why it becomes important to understand the credential management incorporated by the company to keep your confidential information safe. Before finalizing the deal with the vendor, ask them up front about the credential management system they have in place.

Low Quality Workforce: Gauging the quality of the software developers before handing your project over to the vendor is important. Not only will you want your project to be of the desired quality, you will also want it to get completed in time. The higher the experience and expertise of the developers, the better will be the results.

Low Workforce Strength: Aside from the quality and experience of the developers, you also need to ascertain if the company has the required headcount to ensure the timely completion of the project. If the employee turnover is low, it is unlikely that your project will conclude within the desired timeline.

Insufficient and Improper Analysis of the Operating Model: Going for the outsourcing company offering the lowest cost and promising the best quality may result in undesired results. While cost remains to be the primary factor while choosing the vendor, you cannot afford to compromise on the quality. You will need to strike a balance between cost and quality. A close and detailed analysis of the company’s operating model can help you determine whether it is the right choice.

Tips While Choosing Offshore Software Development Company

Offshore Software DevelopmentOutsourcing to an offshore software development company definitely has its own set of advantages. However, geographical and linguistic differences may pose certain challenges. The good news is that these challenges can be easily overcome by following these important tips.

Save Money but Wisely: Cost-effectiveness is the primary reasons why the software development outsourcing businesses are in demand. While looking around for an offshore company, you might be inclined towards the least expensive one. However, choosing the cheapest company for your project may lead you into spending more in damage control. The expense of maintenance and bug fixing may cost you way more than what you saved by choosing an incompetent company. The company with the lowest price quotes evidently earns the lowest profit margins too. Thus, you may not get the best development team at your disposal. Evaluate the companies operating model properly and identify its strengths and weaknesses. Once you have done the analysis only then finalize the contract for your project.

Take References; Hear Stories: Invest time in hearing the story of the offshore software development company. It will give you a fair idea about their business conducts and professionalism. You will be in a much better position to understand if you can trust them with your project needs. The company that is organized and ethical will definitely have a nice story to tell. But do not end the quest there. Try and learn about the provider from the other companies who have done (or are already doing) business with the provider. The references from other people will help you make a better choice.

Communication is the Key: Your business needs are known the best to you. The idea is to have a clearly defined channel of communication so that the offshore software development services company is fully in tune with your project requirement. As the service provider is operational in another part of the world, it would rely completely on the inputs provided by you. If the project demands are big, a dedicated project manager at the provider’s end is an absolute necessity to bridge the communication gap. The project goes through several phases of development and testing. The back and forth exchange of information regarding the progress of each phase is extremely crucial. A proper communication channel aids the streamlining of the process.

Go with the company that follows high standards: Identify the industry standards the tips for offshore development service provider follows. Remember that the success of your project depends a great deal upon the industry standards the vendor is adhering to. In the software development process, there is standardization for everything including documentation, coding, and testing. For that matter, the entire development cycle of the project works on the industry norms. The closer the vendor is to the standards, the better are the chances of getting the desirable results.

Always reference the previous work: The type of projects the offshore development company has delivered in the past speaks volumes about their competencies. It also gives you the insight into the type of domains they have created the projects for. The companies with higher experience also have more exposure to the different types of businesses. Although most of the good companies are able to develop programs for all types of businesses, their core competencies may still lie in only limited domains.

Are they technologically up to the task? While the offshore software development company may have experience in your domain, you may still have bigger project demands for which higher levels of technological competencies may be required. Therefore, evaluating the technological prowess of the company before finalizing the deal would be worthwhile.

The secret of offshore development

Today it is very easy to find an offshore software development company. Many companies in U.S and Europe are giving development projects to companies in countries where there is expert professionals who can work at lower cost. Rising cost has encouraged many companies to look for outsourcing companies who are able to do software development at an attractive lower cost.

offshore software development

One of the main concerns with offshore companies were communication facilities and language. As different languages are used in different countries many companies find it difficult to communicate with company professionals in other countries. Later the U.S companies have started searching for offshore development companies in those countries where people can understand English and talk with them in a better way. Some of the countries that came in that category include India and Philippines. When compare with expert professionals in other countries, here in these countries people are able to communicate with U.S companies in a better way. As communication is important for developing software and executing it, it becomes essential to pick offshore development companies in those countries where people have good listening, speaking and writing skills. You may have notices that certain particular offshore software development companies are getting projects most of the time. One of the secrets behind it is good communication skill. Many will not be able to agree with this. But this is the fact. Without good communication it is not possible to explain the project. Again, it will not be easy to exchange information and ideas.

Technical proficiency is another important secret for success. The offshore software development company should have a team of expert professionals. As technology is changing every now and then it is important to learn or update on altering technology and be update in the field. All the project outsourcers will check whether the offshore development company is having a good team of proficient employees.

Pattern of execution of the project is another major ingredient. There is a standard project execution guideline. The client company will always check the pattern of project execution of the offshore software development company. There are guidelines and quality levels that have to be maintained by an offshore developer. Before assigning a project the client will check the execution format of the outsourcing company. Some clients will check the previous work pattern followed by it. This will help the client in getting a more clear picture about the outsourcing company. Those offshore companies that are not able to offer project execution steps by following the guidelines will not be considered by a client.

There will be always a dedicated person who will work as a bridge to negate the gap between the client and the offshore development company. It is this person who will convey about the status of the project with the client. There are many offshore development companies who are working directly with the client. This depends upon the experience of the offshore development company, other than its expertise in the field.

Most of the clients will look for favourable factors before assigning a task. One of the most important factors is time. As time zones will differ according to each country, the client will get benefits of it. It will be line 24 hours working mode. When the offshore company will work after the working hours of the client company is finished, the client company is able to finish projects without any time delay. Tax cuts and rebates are other favourable factors. Cost is another important factor. Less cost associated with the execution of projects allows clients to hore offshore development companies for it.